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      Company Profile

      Copyrilght ? 2017 German library hardware co., ltd/德國庫勒五金有限公司 版權所有

      Germany KLA Accessories Co., Ltd. is specialized inthe design and production of high-grade door and window accessories. With the persistent dedication to the business and the continuous struggling for success, "KLA" has become a famous brand in the industry of Germany's door and window accessoriesafter ten years of unremitting efforts, and has been certified by the European Union Administration for Industry and Commerce. Our company has set upbranch offices respectively in Shenzhen, Heilongjiang, Shanghai, Chongqing, Changshaof Hunan, Luoyang of Henan, Qujing of Kunming, Chengdu, Sichuan and other areasin China.

      The brand name "KLA" refers to "Kule Accessories", "K" in "KLA" symbolizes "Ku", "L" symbolizes"Le", and "A" symbolizeshigh-end luxury householddecorative accessories, thus the brand name "KLA" implies tobuild a high-end luxury household decorative brand. Kulehas made reformation in the aspects of overall production scale, management, technology and quality, and has carried out product innovation, improved the previous process, and learned from modern product forging technology and oxidation technology,to develop our own new generation of products.

      Kule people continuously struggle to provide users with more and better products and services by adhering to the operation philosophy of "management based, qualityoriented; innovation guidedand service leading",so as to make users feel relieved and assured.

      "Kule" has adhered to be the best of ourselves since the foundation, and we are committed to provide the best-quality products of the most affordable price, so as to show the best cost-effective products for all "KLA" users.We have won the favor of customers with excellent quality, characteristic products, reasonable prices, perfectsupporting service and good after-sales service! Our products are the best-selling in not only the domestic market but also the EU market, the Chinese market, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions.

      Looking forward to the future, we look forward to further trade and cooperation with businessmen from all walks of lifeto open a new brilliant chapter!






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